Black Flagg TOW R.E.A.L. Rough PE 100 mt




In the TOW R.E.A.L. Rough Pe by Black Flagg are high-quality fibers refined in a complex manufacturing process to an extremely abrasion-resistant, very soft and powerful fishing line with high load capacity. With this soft string the bait plays as it should, unchecked by the fishing line. Due to the minimal elongation, a penetrating stop is child's play. In the drill, the TOW R.E.A.L. Rough by convincing load-bearing capacity. The camouflage coloration makes the TOW R.E.A.L. Rough by BLACK FLAGG perfectly matches the background colors of the waters.

 • 4-fold braiding
• Round braided
• High load capacity
• High abrasion resistance
• No stretch
• Length: 100m
• 0.095mm - 11.5lbs
• 0.115mm - 14.5lbs
• 0.145mm - 18.5lbs
• 0.155mm - 20.5lbs

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0.145, 0.155


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