imakatsu Boota Frog


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Ultimate Rotating Water Surface Strong Wave System The
thing that easily shakes its neck is sliding on water.
When moving things that are difficult to move, large special waves are generated there, and the reaction of the bus changes drastically.
Bhutan Frog was designed to pursue the wave of developers, Kazuyuki Yabuta is to seriously a bus,
is a hybrid type Frog. Fed out from the spin turn that rotates 180 degrees or more
press intense splash and strong water, further own sound generated from the keel
to stimulate the instinct of the bus, Leeds front and cormorant Eid pocket, of course,
exert a definite effect in open water I will.
It is somewhat special operation method and action, but Yasuda says that if you can grasp it even if you grab a knack, you can move it immediately.
Bhutan Frog while having both advantages of the swing type and popper type, cover and Uido,
throw Zubazuba bush, where complicated, such as floating garbage,
you have a Sasoeru extraordinary ability strongly also in short travel distance within the cover.
Therefore, the line is directly connected PE 4 ~ 6, use
MH ~ H power Fast ~ regular action rod is suitable.

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