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Most of the big bait dedicated rods so far have developed the concept of casting heavy lures and not having to bite the bytes in reeling, so if you use jointed claws, you can use S – shaped Width will be narrowed. Killers-00 DEAD SWORD succeeded in bringing out the width of the S character to the maximum by the original first taper action which made the tension by using a high elastic material. In addition, you can induce more bytes by adding various actions such as longstay & jerk at twigs, jerk and bottom at retrieval, as well as retrieve just the Ayuki Join Ted Klok 178 with rods It is lure. For that reason, it is easy to attach detailed action with a tip to a dedicated rod, and ease of handling is necessary. In addition, in order to securely hook a byte when letting the lure stay, strong power is also required from berry to the butt part. Killers-00 DEAD SWORD was born as a rod for the Ayuki Joineddoku 178 (exclusively for S letter lure) which completely covered the factors necessary for operating these jointed claws.


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