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What I requested from this rod is that things can be made into small objects, and that we can reliably capture the hooked fish.

Just beneath the mat, you can move the worm freely and have operability that you can direct delicately eating, and even when you eat it you get in well from the tip. The power blank draws a beautiful vent curve and pulls it out of the cover with sticky bat power. The feature of this rod is that it attached a fighting grip as a rod for the cover. Philippe games, frog games and so on. Built-in balancer at the grip end to improve rod operability.


full length 2.37 m (7 ft 8 in)
Own weight 216 g (with balancer included)
Dimensions 202 cm
Conduction number 2 (grip joint)
Tip diameter 2.7 mm
Original diameter 15.2 mm
Lure weight 14 – 56 g
line 16 to 30 LB (PE: 30 to 90 LB)
action Extra Heavy / First Slow Taper
guide Fuji titanium frame Sic guide (all double foot) spiral guide setting
Recommended Lure Ring for punching, Frog lure


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