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A rod for a big bait that does not get tired even when throwing all day.

Using the blank power that does not lose its own weight of the lure, put the weight of the lure on the fishing rod during take back, draw a long grip of about 50 cm and fly the lure far.

Just do not throw a lure to force me, but the rod will do the work to fly away.

Sticky blanks also have a power that you can confront with the monsters while holding the bytes at the time of swimming firmly.


full length 2.43 m
Own weight 221 g
Dimensions 203 cm
Conduction number 2 (grip joint)
Tip diameter 2.8 mm
Original diameter 15.8 mm
Lure weight 56 ~ 200 g
line 20 to 40 lb
action XX Heavy / Regular Slow Taper
guide Fuji titanium frame Sic guide (all double foot)
Recommended Lure Swimbait, big bait


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