Geecrack Leaf Shrimp 4.8″


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LEAF SHRIMP is available in 3 sizes and each size is designed to work effectively. It moves briskly and imitates a small prawn.Whether rigged drop shot style or Nail style, it has an incredibly life like movement and looks exactly like a small prawn fleeing.

LEAF SHRIMP 4.8inch is a great all-round soft bait.It works excellent on a Drop shot rig, Jig head rig, Nail rig with a hook for Trout or Wacky rig.It attracts fish into biting.

Its body is a little bulky for fishing heavy cover with offset hook.It has a slit and the hook fits perfectly inside.It comes through the heavy cover or thick mats smoothly, and fish will be deeply hooked.It works excellent as a 3/8 or 1/2 rubber jig trailer.

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