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After working as a terrorist terrorist army pork, flex chunk.
For many years, there has been a voluntary action when the jig bottomed out, which the jig fisherman was particular about . After the bottom of the jig, the “Pat” and the skirt flared, and the “Terone” and the trailer collapsed after a short delay. This “reverberation action” that can only be obtained with the terrorist terrorist army 1st pork has captivated many buses. And at KEITECH, the plastic chunk that was developed to reproduce this action is the “flex chunk.” A “sleeper structure” that allows the thick legs to flexibly act. Optimal material softness, optimal specific gravity due to salt content. A “natural squid flavor” that strongly induces a bite. And the free coloring unique to worm materials. Completion of the hydraulic chunk trailer, the flex chunk.

Thick legs that move flexibly

A “sleeper structure” that allows you to flexibly move two thick leaf-shaped tails. It reacts sensitively to even slight movements of the head, and presses water firmly to act.


Uses a moderately soft worm material that does not feel discomfort when the bus is added. Then, by adding a little salt and slightly increasing the specific gravity, a lingering action that slowly falls is realized. Contains “natural squid flavor” that strongly induces bite. Of course it doesn’t dry.

Hook set

It is strongly recommended to use the same piercing as the worm, not the pork-like hanging. Feeding is improved and the action of the head is directly transmitted to the legs.

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