Nories Sweek 52 mm 1.8 gr floating


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“Sweet 52”

A water surface plug with a unique two peak long body is “Sweak 52”. The main usage is to use top water by a small twitch & long pose. In this way of fishing invited by the ripple of the lure, when it floats in a shape having the top at two points of head and tail, it creates more ripples than usual and strongly appeals. Still, the trout that came by is a slim body that makes me think weak small fish and falling dragonfly etc. I will byte it without warning. Moreover, if you use it in normal retrieve, in dead throw, I letter subtraction while leaving V character ripple on the water surface, if you increase speed you can make a ripple making ripples with rolling main action. Of course, jerking as a minor is also effective. The water surface plug “Sweak 52” with the potential to be active in the area tournament. It is an item I want the cast to be cast regardless of the season if the trout is conscious of the water surface, as well as the season when the insects dance.



Model Type Depth Length Weight Price
SWEEK 52 Floating / silent 2 lb./0.3 m 52 mm 1.8 g ¥ 1,200
HOOK (manufactured by VANHOOK) front rear
SWEEK 52 CK-33W # 8 SP-21BL # 8

SPLIT RING Front is 1 ring of # 0, rear is 2 ring of # 00 + # 0

※ The price displayed is the manufacturer’s wish body price.

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