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With the ever evolving area tournament scene, new styles, tackle settings and tactics are being developed daily in various regions. As this style of fishing is easily accessible to a wide variety of anglers in addition to the presence of hardcore anglers, we sense that new products and performances will further be developed. For these heated tournament scenes, we have developed a 1 piece rod. Firstly we clarified the lures necessary for the tournament and analyzed the factors required for a high performance rod. We present you these specialized 6 items fine tuned for spoons, cranks and bottom type lures a like.

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GTSS-61XUL Crank SP 6ft.1inc. 1pc. Power:XUL 0.6-5g Lures 1-5lb Line, GTSS-62UL “Kake” action 6ft.2inc. 1pc. Power:UL 0.8-3.5g Lures 1.5-4lb Line, GTSS-62XUL “Nose” action 6ft.2inc. 1pc. Power:XUL 0.6-3g Lures 1-3lb Line


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