Palms Molla Spinning


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A highly performance New Molla is here. The newest generation of Molla has been renewal. The blank is used X-carbonology to provide the exceptional power that is required of your finesse and tough fishing. The latest Fuji guide is set up with well-balanced to concentrate more on your technique. Telescopic models are added to the new Molla for expanding your opportunity to fish in anywhere.

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MSGS-64LXF 6ft.4inc. Power:L Action:Extra Fast 3-7g Lures 3-8lb Line, MSGS-67LF 6ft.7inc. Power:L Action:Fast 3-7g Lures 3-8lb Line, MSGS-69MLF 6ft.9inc. Power:ML Action:Fast 3.5-10g Lures 4-10lb Line


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