Tailwalk’s first compact spinning reel

Put your feelings in naming … Pursue a smooth & peaky texture. I go to the sea every day … Ask the captain of the seabass and offshore guide service for the test. Blue fish, red sea bream, seabass, bath … Repeat the test dare to choose the size of the fish. Numerous test samples have been destroyed. Withstands professional fishing while standing in a standard class. The drive gear, which is the heart of the machine, employs an aluminum machine-cut

MODEL Gear Ratio Weight 




Bearings Line Retrieve (cm) Line Capacity
2000HGX 5.2: 1 210 7 6 + 1 68cm / 1 rotation NYRON 8lb-150m 12lb-100m 16lb-70m 

PE (No.) 2-130m

2500HGX 5.2: 1 220 7 6 + 1 73cm / 1 rotation NYRON 8lb-220m 12lb-150m 16lb-110m 

PE (No.) 2-180m

3000HGX 5.2: 1 255 9 6 + 1 78cm / 1 rotation NYRON 12lb-200m 16lb-150m 20lb-120m 

PE (No.) 3-160m

3500HGX 5.2: 1 270 9 6 + 1 82cm / 1 turn NYRON 16lb-190m 20lb-150m 22lb-125m 

PE (No.) 4-140m

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2000hgx, 2500hgx, 3000hgx, 3500hgx


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