‘Toray’ Big Bass Fluoro


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The long-awaited 30 lb addition! ]
By daring to leave the original hardness of fluorocarbon, it achieves ultra-high strength that has never been seen. The line diameter thinner than the conventional product at the same pound ratio not only achieves one rank higher strength but also reduces the pressure in the water and enables a natural approach to the big bath. We hold down winding gosetsuki and adopt flexwind (approximately parallel winding) which takes advantage of line original softness newly.

Color: Natural

Product list (spec comparison)

lb.test Ten 12 14 16 20 twenty five 30
(kg test) (Five) (6) (7) (8) (Ten) (12.5) (15)
(N) 49 59 69 78 98 one two Three 147
Standard diameter (mm) 0.260 0.285 0.310 0.330 0.370 0.405 0.470
length 100 m 80 m

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12 lb, 14lb, 16lb, 20lb


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