ValkeIN limitless area Hydram F


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To create super natural action that cannot be done with a single body, new specification 4 joint bodies pursuing the balance setting to the limit. Create a natural live wobbling that you never had before!! At fast retrieve, it attracts with tight wobbling action, making it possible to search to the area with the speed of retrieving.

The biggest disadvantage at low speed retrieve, it is weak action. But it has been improved with slow-wide action gets many bites of trout. The third action after wobbling and rolling, live wobbling is total new action in area trout fishing category. Valkein brings a evolutional product to you!


Name Length Weight Type Hook
Hydram F 70mm 3.7g Minnow Floating Gyro Hook #5

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full pink, IT-04, IT-05, IT-06, IT-08, IT-09, IT-11, lively bone, mat secret glow, matt metallic olive, matt red glow, pacific pink, sunset beige, vintage yellow


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