ValkeIN spoon HI BRUST


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ValkeIn First Spoon has been developed based on the concept of ~high appeal~.
Wobble-roll which makes the best out of the weight and silhouette at each size has been pursued.
Exquisite balance triggers the trout bite.


Name Weight Colors
Hi Burst 0.5g, 0.8g, 1.1g, 1.3g, 1.6g, 1.8g, 2.4g, 3.6g 34

Informazioni aggiuntive


AR blue, black, black in sector, black lame, Brown, chart, chart gold, emerald green, final red gold, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pik, gold, ice yellow, IT-A1, IT-A2, IT-A3, IT-B1, IT-B2, IT-B3, mustard, native olive, next green, olive, olive lame, Orange, page, peach wood, pink, pure pink, R orange gold, red/gold, shine lime gold, silver, silver/blue, silver/pink, site blue, turning green, white, yellow orange/black, yellow/gold


0.5g, 0.8g, 1.1g, 1.3g, 1.6g, 1.8g, 2.4g, 3.6g


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