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Spoon expert (fine wire) fast-forward

Tournament essential hooks appear.
The best hook when you want to quickly hook the fish at the second release and the fish when the activity has come down.
PTFE plating “fluorine black” adopted pursuing the ultimate piercing ease.
The size is 6.7.8 lineup. The value pack is also a fulfilling lineup.

Spoon expert (medium wire) fast-forward

A fast-forward model specialized for detaining released fish.
Quickly hook a strong Atari immediately after release or a fast moving fish.
It is particularly powerful in tournament scenes.
The surface is “fluorine zero black” of PTFE (fluorine coat) which enables quick hooking.

Spoon expert hook (heavy) · zero black

 Spoon expert hook (Heavy) Zero black appears in “SP-41BL”. Spoon expert hook series The most heavy wire in this series has the strength which can correspond to the large trout with plenty of margin. Furthermore, the zero black model pursuing hooking performance easily penetrates even the upper jaw of a large fish. Zero black ··· PTFE (fluorine type) coat plating.

Spoon expert hook (medium fine wire)

Zero friction sense! Quick specification” PTFE (fluorocarbon resin coated) Zero black Medium Although it is a fine axis of fine class, there is power that can easily lands 50 cm class. By adopting ultra-hard lightweight high carbon steel, we realized about 20% lighter weight. You can feel outstanding engagement without hanging points hanging.

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